happy accidents

Ryan Scheidt wallpainting
Soupup Video file missing

2nd, 3rd and 4th of July 2003

Ryan Scheidt
Markus Soukup

Are we finger puppets? Planting a seed and water it and it will grow...

The coicindence exhibition of Ryan Scheidt and Markus Soukup came about 
during the opening of DAG's exhibition @ ILL GALLERIES. The title corresponds 
to everything inside - the content of work, the way the artists met and the 
way we organized it.
The word accident has more than one meaning. For our show we focused on 
fortunate circumstances that result in a positive outcome - or a happy accident.
The work of both artists concern an idea of uncertainty. 

Ryan Scheidt works with random processes to create paintings. Rolling a dice 
to create forms and choosing colors from a lottery. In this way the artist can not
plan how the work will look when it is finished - it will always yield uncertain

The video stills supplement the performance project ROLES from Markus Soukup in 
collaboration with Julieta Figueroa. ROLES questions concepts of change and chaos 
in opposition to order and linearity. 
The text work references the painting as a tool for the performance in progress.
The blue painting is a chaotic variable, that can be placed and used anywhere 
during the project.    
The video DON'T LIKE TO DIE is actually a mistake, a video shoot for another 
video project. And this happy accident ended up in a separate film. It was produced 
in 2001, but it is premiered here for the first time.